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RockTimes in Germany calls David Serby and The Latest Scam “Flawless Americana”!

RockTimes Review: David Serby and The Latest Scam David Serby is already a ‘sore thumb’ in the Americana scene – hard to believe that this vigourous type only now crosses from sunny California on our way, not even with his previous albums, such as “Poor Man’s Poem” or “Honkytonk And Vine “… The fact that the guy on verbal wit and eloquence – both highly desirable virtues for a singer / songwriter – has, proves Serby with the tongue in cheek titling, he and his band were the ‘latest scam’ [the latest scam]. We have suspected it, Mr. Serby –…

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Swedish Blog Obladoo digs David Serby and The Latest Scam

Obladoo – March 5, 2014 David Serby and the Latest Scam David Serby and the Latest Scam davidserby.com David Serby decided after four right acclaimed discs in the alternative country / honky tonk genre (where the last Poor man’s poem additionally was a dark, more popular thing) to completely change tracks. He needed to feel the energy of the blow-out system and playing with other musicians. Said and done: he quickly wrote up fifty (!) Rock/pop- songs, of which twenty got a place on the new record. Here we hear the echoes of his own early inspiration in life, as…

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Hyperbolium gives David Serby and The Latest Scam a very cool review

Hyperbolium February 22nd, 2014 David Serby and The Latest Scam L.A. honky-tonker goes power-pop David Serby’s Honkytonk and Vine revisited 1980s Los Angeles’ honky-tonk with its cowboy-booted country twang. Serby’s follow-up, Poor Man’s Poem, turned from honky-tonk to folk-flavors, but still kept its roots in country. So what to make of this double-album turn to the sunshine harmonies and chiming electric guitars of power pop? Well first off, the change in direction works. Really well. You can hear influences of both ’60s AM pop (particularly in the faux sitar of “You’re Bored”) and late ’70s power pop and rock, including…

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Country Standard Time give David Serby and The Latest Scam a great review.

Country Standard Time David Serby and the Latest Scam Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh David Serby’s latest, which introduces his new band, the Latest Scam (the moniker’s inspired by a Nick Lowe lyric), somewhat announces a new, more rocking direction for the SoCal singer/songwriter. Country and roots rock fans need not be alarmed, though, because a song like “Everybody Loves a Fool” (and others) contain plenty of hearty twang. This slight change in musical direction may be bringing much of the special attention to this two-CD set, but Serby’s detailed storytelling skills are far more attention-grabbing. Like a musical Raymond Carver,…

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Americana Review gives David Serby and The Latest Scam a great review!

Americana Review Friday, January 31, 2014 Album Review: David Serby and the Latest Scam The goal of this blog has always been to promote the great music that is created by hard working, dedicated and talented artists who do their best to stay positive to themselves and their craft. I’ve had the great fortune to write about a lot of great musicians, singers, songwriters and bands. These are the people I love writing about, the ones that create music and albums for the love of the art. Los Angeles, California has long been known as a hot bed for great…

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