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David Serby and The Latest Scam at The Grand Ole Echo

This Sunday, September 14, 2014, I’m excited to play The Grand Ole Echo at The Echo in Echo Park…that’s a lot of echos, but then…it’s a echo. My band, The Latest Scam (Edward Tree, Gregory Boaz, and Dale Daniel) and I will be powering up some brand new electrified Los Twangeles, California Honkytonk, as well as dialing up some roots and roll off my previous records. My pals Nocona and Amilia K. Spicer also play the main stage. Tawny Ellis and The Dank are playing the back porch.

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Pasadena Weekly previewed the recent HonkyTonk Hacienda show at El Cid

Thank you to Bliss Bowen for the nice preview of the show we played last week at Suzanne O’Keefe’s HonkyTonk Hacienda at El Cid in Los Angeles. Thanks, Bliss! Pasadena Weekly Barroom Bards Brian Wright & the Waco Tragedies, David Serby & the Latest Scam, Santa Barbara’s the Tearaways make El Cid the place to be Thursday night By Bliss 09/05/2014 Like it? Tweet it! SHARE IT! If you’ve got a taste for juicy songs that wrap barroom wisdom, existential poetry and badass musicianship in pretty melodic bows and roots-rocking ribbons, then hie thee to El Cid Thursday night. Former…

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Dirt Beneath My Nails

As I mentioned last week, I’m putting together songs for a new record. I’ve got a gig this coming week (Suzanne O’Keefe’s Honkytonk Hacienda at El Cid in Los Angeles, CA) and The Latest Scam (Edward Tree, Greg Boaz and Jim Doyle filling in for Dale Daniel) and I are going to play 12 of the new tunes, so, if you’re interested in hearing what we’re working on, I hope you can make the show. In the meantime, I’m introducing you to some of my older music in the hope that you might purchase/download a song (only $.99!) or an…

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Starting a New Record with Old Records…

I’ve been writing like a possessed madman recently and I’m about to start working on a new electric honky tonk record. The Latest Scam (Edward Tree, Gregory Boaz, and Dale Daniel) sounds great playing the songs and we’ll slowly be working them into our sets as I book more gigs to get us ready to record. I hope some of you make it out to the shows and let us know what you think of the tunes. I don’t do kickstarter campaigns or fund my records through crowd sourcing. I pay for them myself. So, I won’t ask you for…

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RockTimes in Germany calls David Serby and The Latest Scam “Flawless Americana”!

RockTimes Review: David Serby and The Latest Scam David Serby is already a ‘sore thumb’ in the Americana scene – hard to believe that this vigourous type only now crosses from sunny California on our way, not even with his previous albums, such as “Poor Man’s Poem” or “Honkytonk And Vine “… The fact that the guy on verbal wit and eloquence – both highly desirable virtues for a singer / songwriter – has, proves Serby with the tongue in cheek titling, he and his band were the ‘latest scam’ [the latest scam]. We have suspected it, Mr. Serby –…

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