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Jolenes at The Cinema Bar

Jolenes Cinema

I’ve been hanging out with a couple of my favorite songwriters, bandleaders and buddies, Dan Janisch and Grant Langston. We’ve been drinking beer, writing songs, drinking scotch, writing songs, smoking cigarettes, and writing songs…and drinking beer. We lassoed Latest Scam panhandler, Dale Daniel and booked a show. We’re the JOLENES!!

Join us on November 9 at 9:30pm at the Cinema Bar and someday you’ll be able to say, “I was at the very first Jolene’s show ever…and it was awesome!”


New Album, New Website

latest-scam-david-serbyPutting together the new double disc CD, David Serby and The Latest Scam has been a real collaboration and I’d like to thank the friends who made it possible.

Thanks to Edward Tree, my producer and guitar player. Ed’s produced and played guitar on all five of my records, and played guitar with me on almost every single live show I’ve done in the last seven or eight years. He’s a brilliant musician, with a very deep soul, serious chops, lots of mojo, and the ability to snag notes out of the air that nobody else can hear. He’s also a patient, intuitive, and encouraging producer and teacher who pulls the best out of everyone who steps into his studio.

Thanks to Dale Daniel (drums) and Gregory Boaz (bass), a killer rhythm section who infused the record (and the live shows) with snap, crash, sparkle, pop, rock, rhythm, and roll. Dale played drums in The Hacienda Brothers, and Greg was a long-time member of Dave Alvin’s Guilty Men; a couple of my all-time favorite bands. That’s hanging with some seriously heavy company and it is a real honor to have them playing on the record, and in the live shows as members (along with Ed) of The Latest Scam.

Finally, thanks to Pete Rosenzweig for putting together this cool new easy to navigate website, and for helping me understand how to maximize its use. I’ve long been a fan of Pete’s websites. He put together the website for the last record, Poor Man’s Poem, and I’m very grateful that he was able to devote his time and talent to this one as well.