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Music Morsels Reviews David Serby and The Latest Scam

Nice review here from Music Morsels. Thanks, MW!

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David Serby & the Latest Scam

California singer-songwriter steers a bit more in the roots rocking direction with this double CD effort. A higher energy level is evident right from the first snappy guitar hooks of “True Love,” although the Americana/folk feeling is still felt in the overall vibe here. There is a pop sensibility to the music; “Waiting Out the Storm” has the feel of a crossover hit, but David avoids being what I would called commercial country or rock with the right type of edginess primarily from a retro feel with both the rock and country influences. This is sort of a comfortable mid-ground between the rock of Tom Petty, the country of Dwight Yoakim, and maybe just the right amount of rockabilly intensity. While most of the songs are uptempo, for those who loved David’s mellower-folksy side, there are tracks such as the honest crooning of “I’ll Meet You There” and the sweetly emotive “Better With My Hands” to whet your appetites. David has one of those voices that is excellent in its subtleties – he doesn’t have to push the envelope or over-sing to convey his feelings with his natural pipes. The musicianship is tight and has enough high-end talent to make you notice within the confines of even the strongest songs. This is just a collection of good rock/country/Americana hybrids that, while not being ground-breaking by any means, is still very enjoyable because it seems like David and his cohorts had fun making this music, and they allow you to experience that fun with the way they transpose it into their own tunes. – MW