David Serby » Roots and Branches reviews David Serby and The Latest Scam

Roots and Branches reviews David Serby and The Latest Scam

Roots and Branches / The Beat

Playing catchy roots rock with an at times uncanny resemblance to an American Gerry Colvin, Serby’s a California singer-songwriter with a strong pop sensibility and a clear awareness of the power of ringing guitar that should appeal to those with the likes of the dBs, Matthew Sweet and early Tom Petty in their collection.

The cheery summery pop and chiming guitars of True Love kicks off a double CD set that puts the emphasis on the uptempo, the likes of a chugging Amnesia, 60s beat pop flavoured When Couples Fall In Love, and Creedence tinted rockabilly rolling Waiting Out The Storm and the tumbling Do I Still Need To Worry? particular highlights of the first disc. The second disc (which, coloured blue with the first red, suggests he may have a bit of a Beatles affection) has more of a twangy country flavour with Rumor Of Our Own ,nodding to George and Merle Everybody Loves A Fool evoking Buck Owens (via Dwight Yoakam) and country blues strutter Pretty Little Kitty borrowing the riff to Pretty Woman while Better With My Hands is a Willie Nelson honky tonk weepies and Gospel Truth, Tumbleweed Blacktop Blues and Like She Was Never Here all sound like vintage Dave Edmunds. It doesn’t turn over any new ground but it makes strolling down familiar paths well worth the journey.

Mike Davies